Usage and Dosage of Fosfomycin for NIH Category II Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis

Konstantinos Stamatiou, Gianpaolo Perletti, Vittorio Magri, Alberto Trinchieri


Chronic bacterial prostatitis (CBP, NIH category II) is a difficult-
to-eradicate, recurring, chronic infection of the prostate,
often characterized by disabling symptoms, significantly reducing
the quality of life of patients. Fluoroquinolones have been
for many years first-line agents for treatment of this condition.
However, mounting pathogen resistance trends (especially in
Mediterranean countries like Greece and Italy) are progressively
restricting the usage of fluoroquinolones for treating many
Gram-positive or Gram-negative infections in the urological
field, and clinicians are increasingly treating bacterial prostatitis
by empirically administering agents which have not been
adequately tested in the frame of clinical trials.
In recent years, reports on the efficacy of the bactericidal antibiotic
fosfomycin on CBP have been published. Most articles
published so far are case reports, and only few case series or
cohort studies are available. The aim of this article is to review
the information published so far concerning the usage and dosage
of fosfomycin for treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis.


prostate;prostatitis;chronic bcaterial prostatitis;fosfomycin;Fluoroquinolones

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