Adrenal leiomyosarcoma: a rare clinical entity

Maria Sakellariou MD, Dionysios Dellaportas MD, Athanasios Dellis, Eirini Grapsa, Menelaos Tzikanoulas, Constantinos Nastos


Adrenal leiomyosarcomas are very rare tumors of mesenchymal
origin. We report a 61-year-old male case, with an incidentally
diagnosed adrenal mass. MRI revealed a heterogeneous 10cm
mass, potentially malignant and the patient underwent an
open left radical adrenalectomy. Microscopically, spindle cell
type neoplasia was seen. Immunohistochemically, the tumor
cells were positive for smooth muscle actin and desmin and
the final diagnosis was a well-differentiated primary adrenal
leiomyosarcoma. During his 2-year follow-up appointment he
had multiple metastases and progressive disease, for which he
is still receiving chemotherapy.



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