Maximizing success for penile prosthesis revision surgery after glans penis erosion: operative strategies.

Georgios Kousournas, Petros Drettas, Panagiotis Levis, Nikolaos Spanos


We present the case of a 68-year-old male who presented with
an inflatable penile prosthesis protruding through the glans
penis. A thorough preoperative investigation was conducted, in
order to perform an evidence-based surgical approach, aiming
to remove the prosthetic materials and reconstruct all compromised
penile structures in order to maximize the chance for a
future prosthesis reimplantation. Although the insertion of a
penile prosthesis has become a routine procedure, managing
complications has always been one


penile prosthesis;IPP;reconstructive urology;complications;prosthesisprotrusion

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