Prevention and Management of Intra and Perioperative Complications During Laparoscopic Urological Surgery

Panagiotis Mourmouris, Christos Papachristou, Titos Markopoulos, I Kyriazis, M. Lardas, Omer Burk Argun, Andreas Skolarikos


Laparoscopy is the gold standard for many urological surgeries and the experience of the surgeons has significantly increased the last two decades. Inevitable surgeons are confronted with complications, some of them can be potentially life-threatening. Since the best way to deal with complications is to prevent them, we review the literature for the most frequent intra or perioperative complications during laparoscopic urological surgeries and we propose measures to prevent them before happening and to manage them after they occur.


non metastatic; castrate resistant; prostate cancer; management

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